Management Accounts

Polynew Consulting with your business growth and success in mind, we can provide regular management accounts which can help you obtain vital information to make important decisions for the future of the business in the short and long term and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and its processes.

Regular management reports allow you to monitor your cash flow, observe trends and seek additional capital injections (if required), based on accurate forecasts

Advantages of Management Accounts

  • Obtaining Finance
  • Making Key Decisions
  • Business Growth Planning
  • Cash Flow Forecasting and Planning

We prepare and present financial information on a timely basis to management and business owners. We analyse the data and highlight to management areas of concern that may require attention, areas for potential improvements and areas of high performance.

Based on the data, we will advise on any potential restructuring of the business or any measures that will optimise the growth and profitability for the business and its owners. We will also identify any internal control issues and ways to improve systems to ensure the success of your business.

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